第4回 物理工学科教室談話会(講師:Prof. Dr. Maciej Sawicki)

日時: 平成29年6月2日(金)13:15~15:15
場所: 工学部8号館3階314A号室
講師: Prof. Dr. Maciej Sawicki
所属: Polish Academy of Science
題目: Electrical control of magnetization via direct piezo-electro-magnetic coupling

The interplay between magnetic and electric properties of magnetic layers is of a considerable interest owing to the perspective of exploiting the underlying mechanisms for the next generation of devices for information storage and processing. Several different ways have been exploited for the control of the magnetization vector by an electric field – predominantly in metallic ferromagnets. Here we show a previously unforeseen phenomenon of piezo-electro-magnetic effect operating in one host: insulating dilute magnetic semiconductor (Ga,Mn)N. After a brief introduction to the magnetism in (Ga,Mn)N it be shown that the application of an electric field along a polar axis in this wurtzite magnetic compound leads to a sizable change of its crystalline magnetic anisotropy via the inverse piezoelectric effect. We investigate this phenomenon experimentally and describe theoretically in a paramagnetic Ga0.975Mn0.025N as a function of temperature, magnetic, and electric field.
参考文献:D. Sztenkiel et at, Stretching magnetism with an electric field in a nitride semiconductor, Nature Commun. 7, 13232 (2016).
紹介教員:千葉 大地 准教授(物理工学専攻)、岩佐 義宏 教授(物理工学専攻)