第5回 理論グループ共通セミナー (講師:杉本 直之氏)

日 時: 2011年11月22日(火)16:30~
場 所: セミナー室A、D(工6号館 3階)
講演者: 杉本 直之 氏 (物理工学専攻永長研究室)
題 目: Geometry approach of the spin information

概 要:
In modern theoretical physics, the gauge fields are the most important concept. In this study, we show that the external fields deform the geometry of the phase space. Based on this idea, we propose that the spin information of the system with the spin-orbit interaction, which can be treated as a SU(2) gauge, is held as a “twisted” SU(2)
symmetry in the deformed geometry, and predict a new echo phenomenon, i.e., spin-orbit echo.