Welcome to the homepage of the Department of Applied Physics!

Yoshihiro IWASA Head of the Department of Applied Physics
photo:Yoshihiro IWASA/Head of the Department of Applied Physics

Understanding the principles of physics, developing them into engineering, and further advancing physics through the use of thus obtained technologies: In this way, physics and engineering are inextricably linked. For example, quantum mechanics was born from the measurement of temperatures in blast furnaces at steelworks, and this was the basis for the development of semiconductor electronics that fundamentally changed the modern society. Applied physics is such an intertwining of physics and engineering, an activity to explore the most fundamental principles and to create the driving force to revolutionize the society.

Department of Applied Physics (DAP) is one of the world-leading departments in the fields of "Quantum Materials," and "Quantum Information”. Each faculty member is a leader in his/her field, and at the same time, the internal collaborations are very strong. It is not uncommon for daily casual conversations to give birth to joint research. Another important feature of DAP is that the theory group is very strong despite that DAP is a part of School of Engineering.

Students who join DAP first learn the basics of physics, mathematics, and engineering. In their final year of undergraduate, they dive into the cutting-edge research in laboratories for their graduation study, spending stimulating and exciting days. In all laboratories, all members including staffs and senior students provide careful research guidance. By the time you complete this graduation thesis, they will feel that you have acquired basic strengths and strong mindsets to confront powerful goals.

Ten or twenty years from now, when students will be active in the forefront of society, society will have entered a new phase beyond our expectations. However, no matter how times change or what problems you face, if you have a background of DAP, which always goes back to the basics of things, you will be able to demonstrate your responsiveness in terms of where and what to research and how to act in order to solve problems.

I believe that the DAP is the best place for students who want to study physics broadly and deeply, apply it to engineering, and tribute to society. We hope you will experience the joy of standing at the forefront of learning and thinking, and seeing your ideas applied to the future. We have great expectations for you.