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Information to Prospective Students

Information to Prospective Students in the Graduate School

Welcome to Department of Applied Physics, The University of Tokyo, Nation’s center of excellence where students and researchers worldwide come to study with outstanding scholars.

Graduate Admissions
Guide to Entrance Examination to the 2018, Department of Applied Physics
-For Applicants To the September 2017 or April 2018- (PDF)
*The application guide for September 2018/April 2019 will be available in May 2018.

Please also refer to Admission Information for School of Engineering.
It is also advised to contact each professor at any time if you wish to join the corresponding research group.

Admissions Test

As part of the admissions process Admission Tests are taken by all students who are applying for the graduate school.

Admissions Tests in 2017
Admissions Tests in 2016
Admissions Tests in 2015
Admissions Tests in 2014
Admissions Tests in 2013
Admissions Tests in 2012
Admissions Tests in 2011
Admissions Tests in 2010
Admissions Tests in 2009


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