物理工学専攻・物理学専攻共催セミナー(講師:Dr. Samindranath Mitra)

日時: 2018年9月18日(火)13:00〜
場所: 理学部4号館1320室
講師: Dr. Samindranath Mitra (Editor, Physical Review Letters)
題目: Physics after the lab and the desk: Your work in PRL

In a talk structured to encourage interspersed Q and A, I will discuss the dissemination of your physics results that follows the lab, the keyboard, and the desk. You communicate results through posters, talks, and papers in a cascading sequence that entails interacting with journal editors, referees, conference organizers, journalists, department chairs, deans, funding agencies, and others.
I will focus on this post-research collaborative process in physics, now in a state of flux in the age of social media and Google Scholar, primarily through the lens that is Physical Review Letters.