第10回 物理工学科教室談話会(講師:Ying-Hao Chu 氏)

日時: 11月10日(金)14:30~15:30
場所: 工学部8号館314A号室
講師: Ying-Hao Chu 氏
所属: National Chiao Tung University(国立交通大学)
題目: van der Waals Oxide Heteroepitaxy

The research field of oxide heteroepitaxy suffers from the characteristics of misfit strain and substrate clamping, hampering the optimization of performance and the gain of fundamental understanding of oxide systems. Recently, there are demonstrations on functional oxides epitaxially fabricated on layered muscovite substrate. In these heterostructures, due to the weak interaction between substrate and film, they show the lattice of films close to bulk with excellent strictive properties, suggesting that these critical problems can be potentially solved
by van der Waals oxide heteroepitaxy. In addition, by exploiting the transparent and flexible features of muscovite, such a heteroepitaxy can deliver new material solutions to transparent
soft technology. In this paper, the history, development, and current status of van der Waals oxide heteroepitaxy are addressed and discussed. In the end, new research directions in terms
of fundamental study and practical application are proposed to highlight the importance of this research field.