第3回 物理工学科教室談話会(講師:Prof. Kenneth S. Burch)

日時: 2015年7月24日(金)13:30-14:30
場所: 工学部8号館3階314Aセミナー室
講師: Prof. Kenneth S. Burch (Department of Physics, Boston College, USA)
題目: Searching for New Excitations in Topological Places

In this talk I will outline some of the exciting prospects offered by breaking topology along with or in opposition to symmetry. I will focus on two of my groups efforts in this direction, where one may observe majorana Fermions, particles that are their own anti-particle.
The first case involves coupling a high temperature superconductor to a topological insulator, which lead to the observation of an entirely new excitation that only couples to spin and not orbital
angular momentum.
In the second case I will discuss our raman experiments on a potential Kiteav Quantum Spin Liquid, that shows a continuum of scattering characteristic of the emergence of new quasi-particles.
紹介教員: 岩佐義宏教授、樽茶清悟教授