第3回 物理工学科教室談話会 (講師:Prof. Yanwei Ma)

日時: 2012年9月28日(金)15:00~16:30
場所: 工学部6号館1階大会議室(103号室)
講演者: Prof. Yanwei Ma(Institute of Electrical Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China)
題目: Development of iron-based superconducting wires and and tapes

概要:In the past 4 years, great progress has been made in the fabrication of iron-based superconducting wires and tapes using the powder-in-tube (PIT) processing method, including main three types of 122, 11, and 1111 iron-based parent compounds. In this talk, an overview of the current state of development of iron-based superconducting wires and tapes is presented. We focus on the fabrication techniques used for 122 pnictide wires and tapes, with an emphasis on their meeting the critical current requirements for making high-performance conductors, such as a combination of using Ag sheath, addition element and optimized heat treatment to realize high Jc, ex situ process employed to reduce non-superconducting phases and to obtain a high relative density, and a texture control to improve grain connectivity. Of particular interest is that so far transport Jc values above 104 A/cm2 are obtained in 122 type tapes at 4.2 K and 10 T, suggesting that they are prospective candidates for high-field applications.
紹介教員: 鹿野田一司・為ヶ井強