第2回 物理工学科教室談話会 (講師:Dr. Simon Cornish)

日時: 2012年6月20日(水)16:00~
場所:  浅野キャンパス 工学部9号館1階大会議室
講師: Dr. Simon Cornish (Durham University)
題目:  “Towards ultracold heteronuclear RbCs molecules”

Ultracold and quantum degenerate mixtures of two or more atomicspecies open up many new research avenues, including the formation of ultracold heteronuclear ground-state molecules possessing
a permanent electric dipole moment. The anisotropic, long range dipole-dipole interactions between such molecules offers many potential applications, including novel schemes for quantum information processing and simulation. Our goal is to create ultracold ground-state RbCs molecules using magnetoassociation on a Feshbach resonance followed by optical transfer to the rovibronic ground state. The pre-requisite to this approach is the attainment of a high phase space density atomic mixture and the identification of suitable interspecies Feshbach resonances. Here we present the latest results from our experiment, including the realisation of a quantum degenerate mixture of 87Rb and 133Cs [1] and a detailed study of the Feshbach spectrum of an ultracold 85Rb-133Cs mixture [2].
Additionally we briefly discuss the development of a new apparatus for the production of ultracold ground-state YbCs molecules, where the presence of an un-paired electron spin offers many possibilities in the realm of quantum simulation.
[1] D.J. McCarron, H.W. Cho, D.L. Jenkin, M.P. Koeppinger and S.L.Cornish, Dual-species Bose- Einstein condensate of 87Rb and 133Cs, Phys. Rev. A 84 011603 (2011).
[2] H.-W. Cho, D. J. McCarron, D. L. Jenkin, M. Koppinger, C. L. Blackley, C. R. Le Sueur, J. M. Hutson and S. L. Cornish, “Feshbach spectroscopy of an ultracold 85Rb-133Cs mixture”, In preparation