第1回 物理工学科教室談話会 (講師:Prof. Paul C.W. Chu)

日 時: 2010年4月9日(金曜日) 15:30-17:00
場 所: 工学部6号館3階セミナー室A
講 師: Prof. Paul C.W. Chu(Texas Center for Superconductivity, the University of Huston)
題 目: “A Perspective of Room Temperature Superconductors

Three years after celebrating the 53rd anniversary of the BCS theory and the 23rd anniversary of the discovery of high temperature superconductivity (HTS), it appears most fitting for us to contemplate the possibility of very high temperature superconductivity (VHTS) or even room temperature superconductivity (RTS). VHTS/RTS, if achieved, can profoundly change the world. Unfortunately, VHTS/RTS has long been considered by some to belong to the domain of science fiction and to occur only at an astronomical distance and under an astronomical pressure. With the advent of liquid nitrogen superconductivity in 1987, the outlook has become much brighter. Currently, there appears to be no reason, either theoretical or experimental, why VHTS/RTS would be impossible. The recent discovery of the new class of Fe-pnictide HTSs fuels more cautious optimism. Since its inception, BCS theory has provided the basic framework for the occurrence and understanding of superconductivity, but it has failed to show where and how to find superconductivity at a higher temperature. This may be attributed to the strong coupling between the parameters in the BCS theory and the small energy scale of superconductivity in comparison with those of other excitations in the solids. After examining existing data, we believe that a holistic multidisciplinary enlightened empirical approach appears to be the most effective way to discover novel superconductors with higher transition temperatures.

講師のPaul Chu先生は、世界で初めて液体窒素温度を超える超伝導体YBa2Cu3Oxを発見した高温超伝導体研究の世界的リーダーです。今回は室温超伝導の開発に向けた戦略についてのお話を伺います。
紹介教員: 岩佐義宏 教授、為ヶ井 強 准教授